Community Impact

Your support enables us to produce and sponsor our seasonal events, pursue special projects, advocate Lunada Bay interests with city government, and make targeted donations to other community groups.

If you are a fan of the Summer Concert Series, the Lunada Bay Harvest Festival, Santa’s Visit, or our Earth Day celebrations then take some pride.  YOU made those events happen.

If you see the value of a stronger and more connected community, our Lunada Bay Park, our restored fountain, improved pedestrian access and safety in our plaza, or the restoration of the remarkable Olmsted Trail system then YOU have done a great job.

If you believe that our area schools, our Neighborhood Watch, or our Disaster Preparedness and PV Cares programs are essential elements of our community deserving of support then we’re on the same page.  As an all volunteer organization the LBHOA directs the vast majority of our revenue to advocate and pursue these events and projects that make Lunada Bay our very special community by the sea.

And while your membership dues make a significant difference, your contribution of time as a volunteer working alongside us on these projects and events means just as much.  As an all volunteer organization the skills and efforts of our members play a very important role in our effectiveness and success.  Any and all members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings to learn how to become more actively involved.  Visit our Events Calendar to see our meeting schedule, or simply contact us and tell us your interests.