Renew the View

Many people in our community are disappointed with how their once expansive views have deteriorated over the years as trees on public and private property have grown.  Are you one of them?

When the city and private homeowners planted trees for all the right reasons decades ago the impact on views wasn’t the first consideration.  Now many years later many of the spectacular views that distinguish our community and add to our enjoyment and home value have all but disappeared.

What’s the solution?  Do you petition the City?  The Parklands Committee?  The Palos Verdes Homes Association?

The City and its Parkland Committee is able to review your particular situation if the trees are on public land.  There is a Tree Policy in place and an application for review can be submitted for consideration.  In some instances a solution can be agreed to.  But what if the tree or trees obstructing your views are on private property?  Can the PVHA help?

The LBHOA has organized a community based initiative that may just be the answer. Watch the video above and contact us with your thoughts. Working together, we can solve any problem.