LBHOA Activities This Past Year

Wondering what has your association been doing this past year? Here’s a quick summary:


  • 4 summer concerts for 2015 and 6 for 2016
  • Santa’s visit event with over 350 in attendance
  • Harvest festival and pumpkin races
  • Participation in the PVE environmental expo


  • Completion of Lunada Bay Plaza gateway island
  • Developed and funded concept design for BLB (Beautify Lunada Bay) pilot project adjacent Lunada Bay Elementary School
  • Developed traffic and pedestrian safety plan for Lunada Bay Plaza
  • Improved website and membership outreach communications


  • Advocated and arranged cooperative partnership between PVE, PVPLC (land conservancy), and LBHOA
  • Obtained PVE approvals and in kind contributions for BLB Pilot project
  • Slated $150,000 PVE capital improvement funds for Lunada Bay Plaza enhancements
  • Slated $350,000 additional PVE capital improvement funds

For Lunada Bay

  • Vetted PVE bluff cove restoration project
  • Vetting PVE capital improvements budget allocations
  • Vetting cell tower placement proposals
  • Vetting fire tax renewal proposal
  • Responding to state proposals of significance to Lunada Bay and PVE residents