Summer Concert #5: Random Sequence

The LBHOA Summer Concert Series continues this Sunday, August 12th at 5:00 PM with Random Sequence (Jason Buck’s Original Jam Band). Here’s Jason in his own words:

I started playing piano at age 7. I memorized the finger placements, and then the sounds. By age 12, I was playing the blues and starting to get bored because I really wanted an electric guitar. My parents made me practice daily on a high action acoustic till my fingers would practically bleed to prove that I would not let the instrument collect dust.

The songs on my album Jason Buck Songs at the Sea Palace Studio reflect many feelings and emotions or times at my life. Some were written in high school, some college, and others more recently.  The most recent two songs on the album were about my wife Victoria, and my daughter Brooke. I wrote Brooke’s song “Cry at Night” just before she was born knowing that babies cry. I had some of the basic vocals down, but after watching Brooke for a while I realized a similarity between looking at the moon and the moment before falling asleep.  Stare at the moon.  I wanted to try to listen to her perspective as a father, and be there for her needs.  When she was 2 she would fall asleep with this song each day on our walks.  I like writing new material as our family grows and evolves, and I get a chance to document the vibrations in song and then share.

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